• Kim Armstrong

    Awesome hallway to a home theater. For my dream house on my island!!!

  • Asia Skains

    Would love a cool game room / man cave for my boys and the geek in me :-D

  • Dara Fiss

    Would love to have a theatre in my house and decorate it similar to this who cares if it's supposed to be a man cave

  • Billy Martel

    I'm of course a star wars fan, but even more a light saber fan growing up as a kid. This is my childhood closet.... // I plan to have some sort of shrine to Sci-Fi when I get my dream house, a little more elaborate than this mind but this is a nice one.

  • Ashley Pina

    This would be cool to do for our basement stairs. Maybe not Star Wars, but we will have a theater down there so this would be interesting.

  • Sara Aybar

    On the way down to the nerd cave. Yeah this will be part of my house.

  • Cute Calendar

    May 4: Today is Star Wars Day! www.cute-calendar.com/9404 #May4 #MayTheFourth #StarWars #StarWarsDay #starwarscelebration #TodayIs

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