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Bead bowls Fuse Beads from Michaels 1) spray any shape oven save bowl bowl with PAM 2) preheat oven to 350* 3) press Fuse Beads into bowl and up sides 4) bake for 12-15 min until just about to melt!!! Be Creative!!!!

DIY Tiered Bowl: 3 bowls, 2 candlesticks, Strong glue (E6000) Set one bowl upside down and glue a candle stick in the middle and repeated again then place the last bowl uptop the candle stick. Let it dry and flip over now you have a 3 tier bowl set. from

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Wine Bottle Vases

A Great #DIY to #RePurpose Bottles. 1. Spray paint with a colour. Let dry. 2. Wrap in rubber bands. 3 Spray paint again with a second colour. 4. Let dry and remove bands! Ta-da!

Cool & easy bowl to do with kids or teens as well! INSTRUCTIONS! Things you will need: - Glass oven safe bowl - cooking spray - Perler Beads; any craft stores Step 1: spray a layer of cooking spray in the bowl. Step 2: choose certain colours or choose by random and place them in the bowl but make sure it's ONE layer Step 3: Once you have the height for the bowl put it in the oven at 375 for approx 12-14 mins, keep a close eye on it Useful for sunglasses, keys, a candle (little bowl) !

11. Animal Key Chains, Megan Olsen on Flickr – Paint some inexpensive plastic animals, add an eye screw and attach a key ring. Easy as that! Kids will love the look of these wild animals, and they can attach them to backpacks or coats for zipper pulls, or keep their house key close at hand.

How to spray paint glass to look like ceramic (and 10 other awesome paint tips)!

DIY - Upcycling old Tins. Spray paint used was Krylon's Indoor/Outdoor Satin Catalina Mist. Step-by-Step Tutorial.

This little "gumball machine" is made from terra cotta pots and a dollar store vase, and filled with candies -- I like this idea for centre pieces