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Ever wanted to take a nice Rainbow Skinner Blend Sheet and turn it into a Square Polymer Clay Cane aka Skinner Blend Plug? It's easier than you may think... #polymerclaytutorials #polymerclaycanes #skinnerblend

Polymer clay rainbow tutorial by *GemDeDude

Extruder Filigree - The post shows how load the extruder for blended color, then how to cover a pendant or bead with the "filigree" and finally, how to use acryllic paint in the cracks to add depth and an antique look. #polymer #clay #tutorial

A narrow blended sheet tutorial - Keeping it narrow makes it perfect for where you want the blend to show on a small piece ... be certain that in this technique DIFFERENT coloured edges on the ends, SAME colors on the sides.

My Favorite Shortcut: 2 Petals Canes from 1 Skinner Blend by KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday post series, see what's new in my polymer clay stud...