Geoffrey (Tailor) specialise in traditional hand sewn made to measure kilts for men. Geoffrey (Tailor) traditional kilts for men are hand tailored by highly skilled craftswomen and men in the company's own workshops in Edinburgh and Oban. The kilts are made to the highest standard using top quality materials, even in the bits that cannot be seen.

This hi-visibilty kilt. | 23 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Edinburgh

Kilties in conversation A case of a low hanging sporran at the World Pipeband Championships 2005, Glasgow

men in kilts


men in kilts

Traditional Highland formal wear. The kilt and Plaid were originally one piece of cloth 6m long and held together with a belt and broach.


Handsome kilts in Wallace tartan

men in kilts This is precious!

men in kilts

Damn! there is nothing finer than a man in full kilted splendor!

Men in kilts....dare you to say anything!!

Kilt with black jacket #rose #pink #tartan

Irish Kilts. Irish men wearing kilts is not new. They've found tartan kilts on very old mummies in Ireland.

men in kilts

Nothing is better than a man in a kilt


I'll admit that I've kinda always wanted a kilt..

Men who can wear kilts

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