Beginning Letter Sounds

beginning letter sounds

Print each mat and set of cards; have your child match letters to the correct pictures. Fun way to practice letter sounds!

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These FREE printable alphabet picture cards are gorgeous! Love the bright colors... and they have at least 4 pictures for every letter!

where does it go? sorting file folder game via mama's learning corner

Free file folder game for preschoolers: Ice Cream Count & Match #1-10 First week activity in Kindergarten? Summery, fun, telling...

These activity cards are an excellent way for your preschooler to work on masterig their Beginning Letter Sounds! An imperative skill to learn before they begin reading.

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Montessori Alphabet Objects Lot In Case by CuriousMindsBusyBags

Five Senses...No need to buy this... I'll make it into a file folder game!

Free Letter Sounds Activity - Clip Cards!

AMAZING!! Free ABC resources. Matching cards, letter sound fluency, play-doh mats...Practicing phonics

Apple Fractions Math File Folder Game - Learning Games For Kids

This is one of my children's favorite games. They play it all year long. This game can be used two different ways. In the beginning of the year,...

alphabet game: pick a letter; name 3 things that start w/that letter; if you can, you keep the letter.

Free Ice Cream Letter Sounds Printable (and Other Ice cream Printables) from Royal Baloo

Alphabet Playdough Mats with correct letter formation. So useful when teaching kids to write their letters as they reinforce correct letter placement on the writing lines. Another use would be to make TACTILE letters: print on to cardstock, add glue to the inside letter shape and sprinkle with colored sand. How FUN! Kids can practice correct letter formation by tracing the letter with their finger!

How many letters in my name?

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