Beginning Letter Sounds

These FREE printable alphabet picture cards are gorgeous! Love the bright colors... and they have at least 4 pictures for every letter!

Are you looking for folder activities and games for your classroom? Grab one or more of these math file folder ideas!

beginning letter sounds

Five Senses...No need to buy this... I'll make it into a file folder game!

How many letters in my name?

Free Ice Cream Letter Sounds Printable.

Print each mat and set of cards; have your child match letters to the correct pictures. Fun way to practice letter sounds!

Preschoolers can practice letter cases and letter sounds with these free printable snowman puzzles from Totschooling. There is one snowman for each letter of

File folder games

Free cut and paste letter matching activity for winter (s-z). Cut out the uppercase letters and paste them on the mittens with the matching lowercase letters.

for beginning sound practice for home

letter / sound recognition - matching beginning letter sounds for each picture card.

Feelings Unit

Match the shapes file folder game. Made a bunch of my own, they are great for when 3 year old is awake and babe is still sleeping

beginning and middle sounds freebie

These alphabet cards are a great letter sounds activity for preschool. Plus, they come in an easy and more challenging set for a total of 52 free cards!

Letter Sounds Worksheets: Listen for the letter sound. Color all the pictures that have that letter sound. Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D, Letter E, Letter F, Letter G, Letter H, Letter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N, Letter O, Letter P, Letter Q, Letter R, Letter S, Letter T, Letter U, Letter V, Letter W, Letter X, Letter Y, Letter Z

Whenever the sticky note loses it's sticky, you just quickly make a new one for whatever letter you need. I love it! Sooo...I made some templates on my trusty MAC and viola, new making words folders! I also color coded the sticky note letters, to help my firsties remember the beginning middle, ending sounds, and digraphs when we make words together!

think of the possibilities: beginning sound sort, middle sound sort, final sound sort....start with single letters then move on to blends for beginning sounds

Awesome File Folder games for Preschool - Kindergarten