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    ❥ Blood Moons by Mark Blitz~ and there will be signs in the heavens... we are living in the end times, according to bible prophecy.

    ❥ ...

    ❥ Death Of Saudi King - The End Time Event Islamists Have Been Waiting For~ which is also fulfilling bible prophecy...

    ❥ Publishing Giant Harper Collins Omits Israel From Atlas So Muslims Won't Be Offended~ Harper Collins has done more than simply remove a name to appease Muslims. By removing the name of Israel from their atlas, they boldly declare their belief that Israel does not have the right to exist and that they agree Israel should be literally “wiped off the map” as Iran constantly reaffirms. DID YOU KNOW? Harper Collins also publishes the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. Now isn’t that interesting...

    ❥ Why the Tribulation MUST Begin Next Year--the Clue Lies in the 'Sevens' and the Blood Moons~ God is specific. His numbers are always the same. Numerology will make you know God.…

    ❥ Will The Tribulation begin in 2015? ~Where has the world headed since the first blood moon on Passover of 2014? Our world has now gone past the tipping point, and events are now accelerating out of anyone’s control. Just as ISIS has gone from the JV team to the A team, along with events spreading from Russia to Ukraine and planes … Continue reading »

    ❥ THIS IS IT! The Battle of Baghdad has begun! US is evacuating it's embassy staff. #Iraq -- Baghdad International Airport Under Attack -- 200...

    ❥ Vatican Signs Covenant With Israel! הוותיקן סימני ברית עם ישראל - YouTube

    ❥ The MESSAGE~ The coming Deception of the Antichrist

    ❥ It's almost midnight. Jesus is coming soon.

    ❥ The Shock Plan for Getting Ready – Putting It All Together

    ❥ Watch the Other Hand – Events in Ukraine Are a Misdirection


    ❥ Open their eyes, Lord...

    ❥ Catholic Pope Francis charged, trial set, for trafficking orphans

    ❥ No shame at all. He is my God and my King.

    ❥ Deadly ice and snow storm takes aim at U.S. South

    ❥ Atlanta braces for 'catastrophic' ice storm hitting southeast


    ❥ Son of God movie coming to theaters Feb. 28!

    Pope's peace doves attacked by crow and seagull~ prophetic imagery of the peace that has been taken from this world. The darkness is closing in. Get right with God while you still can. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. No man comes to the Father, but by Him.

    ❥ Catholic Church Admits They Made the Change of Sabbath - YouTube

    ▶ The Final Day | It's Supernatural with Sid Roth | David Jones - YouTube

    ❥ The Daniel Project~ need to buy this DVD

    ❥ Hitler quote… America today