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    ❥ All scripture is of God~ 2 Timothy 3:16

    ▶ Law of Attraction vs New Age John Paul Jackson - YouTube~ EXCELLENT comparison with scripture to back it up. Everything the devil does is a hijack of perversion of the God's word or creation. He never created a thing. He's just a rip off artist. ;)

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    Truths from Psalm 91~ Free 24 hr Live Event

    ❥ Reading God's Word must become a daily discipline because we need a solid grasp of the way God intends us to live if we are going to live for Him. Regularly feeding on God's Word satisfies the hunger of our souls and keeps us from emotional depletion and spiritual starvation. It also keeps us in the center of God's will.

    ❥ Fasting is a major key for gaining Spiritual Power to break the yoke of numerous problems and issues. The Bible says, Isaiah 58:6, “fasting unties the cords of the yoke.” Fasting and Prayer puts us in the best possible position for a spiritual breakthrough! We may also need to break free from habits and vices that master over, that keep us from giving ourselves more fully to the Lord.

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