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from SheKnows

How to know your cat loves you, even if he claws the crap out of your hands

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How to know your cat loves you, even if he claws the crap out of your hands. | #Pets #CatLovers -- :)

from Babble

Are These Fairy Tales Too Scary?

Book Hansel
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Hansel Gretel
Eloise Wilkins
Brothers Grimm
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Every time I see or hear Hansel and Gretel I think of the movie scene where the Father is singing with tights on while his kids are about to be eaten by the witch. *claps* Best parent ever... *sarcasm*

from HubPages

Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit - another English children's writer and illustrator

Potter 1866
Beatrix Potter
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Beatrice Potter
Art Beatrix Potter
1866 1943
Helen Beatrix

Beatrix Potter ~ The Tailor of Gloucester - 1903 - Mouse Threads Cherry Colored…

from Art and Design

Illustrations by Janey Jane

Celtic Mythology Legends
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Annwn Wives
Choose Mortal
Lake Sirens
Gwragedd Annwn
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Celtic Mythology: The GWRAGEDD ANNWN [wives of the underworld] were lake-sirens in Wales. These lovely creatures are known to choose mortal men as their husbands. One legend has it that they live in a sunken city in one of the many lakes in Wales. People claim to have seen towers under water and heard the chiming of bells.

from Country Living

The 5 Pins You Need to See This Week

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Cocktails Watermelon
Summer Cocktails

What if each end cap featured a fruit and had a different mixed drink suggestion for summer?

from Ottolenghi

Plenty More

Yotam Ottolenghi
Ottolenghi Plenty
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Cook Books

Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi I picked up a signed copy from Ottolenghi Islington. It's a total bliss.

from Playbuzz

What Do Your Daydreams Say About You?

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Cyril Rolando's digital paintings ((Face as a land, very creative, id like to learn to morph faces as a background))

from Playbuzz

Are You Santa, Really?

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Anne Yvonne Gilbert More