so sweet

every one has an iPhone these days

Love this photo of this gorilla studying the tiny butterfly perched on his finger. You can just see this majestic fellow's mind working. :D

I'm just sitting here....

Gorillas at the San Francisco Zoo: Oh, how I love this place.

Sumatran Orangutan Baby by Suzi Eszterhas

Busy day

Baby Gorilla, Uganda by Tim Henshall

Because the government is tearing down the forest animals don't have a place to live. They would die because they could get killed by other animals or they have no food to eat.

Albino gorilla

Monkeys - Beautiful Photography !!!

baby gorilla

The depth of love is so evident between this mom and her baby.

Gorilla baby! By all accounts, this is pretty much what I looked like when I was an infant. Particularly the hairdo.


too much cute.


the mother loves this baby!!!

Bear Cub No. 3

Baby Chimpanzee