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My daily conversation with myself. The struggle is real, folks.

Totally me. (Especially when I'm watching my favorite: ONE DIRECTION!)


This is just awesome ... and totally describes my daily wake-up routine. Just ask Andy.

I enjoy it. ^_^ all I see is AWSOME all my bf here's is dollar signs flying away. Haha

These shopping gimmicks always kill me. I love how they say " open a new credit card and get 15% off today's purchase when you know the interest rate is going to be 22%.... Every month!! No thanks!!

Just relized that way too many of my converstations begin with, 'I saw this thing on Pinterest...' Can I get amen?

i dont always clear my calculator but when i do i hit both - The Most Interesting Man In The World

Sometimes I hate when people give me encouragement. I feel like saying "Shut up I know I can do it, I just don't want to"

There are eight ways of contacting me through my phone that don't involve me having to talk to you. Use one of those.