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Chuck Norris


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  • Ian A

    Chuck Norris Action Jeans (to be worn whilst kicking people in the face apparently)

  • Jameson Olsen

    Chuck Norris Action Jeans #fearthechuck #chucknorris

  • Sarah Ivins

    ACTION JEANS! Hahahahahahahahahahaha That's these are a real thing. Amazing.

  • Jason Mumford

    Chuck Norris action jeans! Don't laugh, they are made with hair from Chuck Norris and will roundhouse kick you into he third century.

  • Jacqueline H.

    Chuck Norris action jeans TOO FUNNY

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i probably laughed at this more than i should have



Story of my life.


Best. baby card. ever. ;)

Silly kitty!

I don't think I EVER have...

Wow! Cow photobomb!


In a good way!

SNAUGHLING: Laughing so hard you snort, then laugh because you snorted, then snort because you laughed.


Haha - I definitely used to feel like this.

Funny stuff and so true

Let's roll.

I Got A New Stick Deodorant Today...