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The Living Skeleton with PT Barnum Carte de visite. On the back of this photo is handwritten: "I.W. Sprague Age 29 years Height 5ft 5 1/2 inch Weight 46 lbs"

These siamese twins made a good living performing on the sideshow circuit. Back then, it was the only way they could support themselves. Many called them freaks, but these "freaks" made millions. Most died in obscurity.

Conjoined twins Josefa & Rosa Blazeh with Rosa's son, 1910. They lived from 1878-1922. I don't know of any other conjoined twin giving birth.

MME ABOMAH "THE AFRICAN GIANTESS," : THE TALLEST LADY IN THE WORLD. An African Giantess Abomah, a superb specimen of the African negress, who enjoys the distinction of being the tallest woman living, is now on her way to Liverpool. This extraordinary woman stands over eight feet in height, and can easily support the weight of a man on her outstretched hand. London Tit-Bits ( 7 Sept 1900) : READ MORE HERE WITH PHOTOS.

"Pinheads" Carte de visite, ca. 1865. Pinheads were microcephalic people who were often placed in freak shows and dressed as adult babies. Was this better than an asylum at the time?

heracliteanfire: The Circus, 1870-1950 by TASCHEN (by Marie Guillaumet)

Gesprengte Ketten: Max Siegfried konnte sich offenbar auch aus völlig auswegslosen Lagen befreien und warb damit, der "beste Entfesslungskünstler der Gegenwart" zu sein. Frei kommen musste er auch - denn wie hätte er sonst die Postkarten verkaufen können, die ihm den Lebensunterhalt sichern sollten?

Sideshow Freaks: Human Oddity I Cherry Dollface. Shot in Portland or in 2008. Photo: Travis Haight

1890s ~ the oldest contortionist on earth packs himself into a box, 23" long, 19" deep, & 16" wide, and allows any gentleman in the audience to pack 6 dozen soda water bottles into the box after him

The Bearded Lady ~K~ I not a big believer in the whole "breaded lady" genre. I am a little suspicious. If you look at 'her' from the nose up 'she' has very masculine features. How easy would it have been for a man to be billed as a "Bearded Lady"