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    Tanagra — Live Mermaid

    Mermaid Baby

    The Mermaid

    The Living Skeleton cartes de viste

    These siamese twins made a good living performing on the sideshow circuit. Back then, it was the only way they could support themselves. Many called them freaks, but these "freaks" made millions. Most died in obscurity.

    Conjoined twins Josefa & Rosa Blazeh with Rosa's son, 1910. They lived from 1878-1922. I don't know of any other conjoined twin giving birth. that must have been an uncomfortable conception.

    circo véio

    "Pinheads" Carte de visite, ca. 1865. Pinheads were microcephalic people who were often placed in freak shows and dressed as adult babies. Was this better than an asylum at the time?

    A beautiful portrait of the sideshow entertainer, Miss Millie La Mar, the Albino Mind Reader

    Vintage strong woman

    Bichon Circus Dog

    Al and Jeanie Tomani were billed as 'The World's Strangest Couple'. Al was a giant whose height is variably listed, but he was certainly over 7' tall. Jeanie was born without legs and with twisted arms and was 2 feet tall. They met at a sideshow and were married when Al was 24 and Jeanie was 19. They adopted two children and retired to Florida to run a lodge and fishing camp. Al died of complications from his gigantism at age 50. Jeanie lived to age 83.

    Sideshow Freaks: Human Oddity I Cherry Dollface. Shot in Portland or in 2008. Photo: Travis Haight

    Cardiff Giant

    Dolly Dimple — Fattest Girl in the World — See Her Dance

    Lady Loretta The Human Art Gallery

    Mental Marvel — Famous Radio Astrologist

    Strange Little People?