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Look, I don't ask for much. Just give me cute baby animals on a regular basis, and I'll probably die of happiness.


Awwww So sweet!

Hahaha yes yes yes

Baby thinks his Boxer dog is hilarious

baby otters

I love elephants :-) this is so precious!!!!

#halloween! he looks happy.

How to propose to an X-Ray tech…

Heart-stopping: This is the moment a tiny leopard cub hugged it's mother after escaping a scary solo encounter with two hungry jackals

Baby Bunny

Aww how adorable are these little fellas?

Paris on a rainy day

A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). FOREVER LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY! Awwwww!

(35) munchkin cat | Tumblr

Little penguin being tickled

A Father gives his daughter this ring for her 16th birthday (when dating is officially allowed) to wear on her left ring finger--to remind her that she will always be HIS little Princess first-- and to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen--the way her Heavenly Father sees her!!

"Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when they are upset, like a temper tantrum."

A penny from heaven ♥ @Brittney Waller read this and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you have heard!

Relationships are a key part of survival and balance in any ecosystem. Though unusual, this hippo and tortoise would seem to have chosen a relationship of mutual support and companionship. makes me happy

Saddest owl ever.


just adorable