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hello girl my names sorrow and if your head is feeling sorry for me stop now!'' not sad being a ''dryad,been a tree nymph forever..enjoy watching all the creatures an activity below...heard all about safe and happy and maybe see you soon...bye

An old Witch had cast a spell and made this ship very small. The Fairies found it among the the berries while walking late last fall. They hid it among the fiddle ferns and branches dark and decided that if they ever wanted to go on a great adventure this would be the magical way to go. by mdh©

Druantia "Queen of the Druids". Celtic Fir Goddess and Mother of the tree calender. Symbolizes protection, knowledge, creativity, passion, sex, fertility, growth, trees and forests. Her feast day was Beltane The Look: Costume design Katarzyna Konieczka (dress) Photography, photomanipulation Jarek "Khaal" Kubicki Support Kala Wyroslak - Make Up Artist and Stylist #faerie

Aprenda a criar efeito raio X usando o Photoshop - numa banana! Veremos que a mesma técnica pode ser aplicada em outros objetos.