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Whatcho know bout that camera phone!?

Every phone should have this…this is too good hahaha'

Makes me laugh...hilarious!

Cell Phone

Every Time A Kid Notices I'm Using My Phone

The greatest facial expression ever caught on camera.

cell phone

Product Placement Is Everywhere Nowadays(ok so i know this isnt the point but, some one had to look at this slice and think "hey that looks like that one logo" And get their camera out to take a picture. thats all. Carry on.)

This is hilarious! 21st b-day cake!


Lol I probably would never do this but these would be HILARIOUS. The only thing that would be better would have somebody hiding with a camera to video/catch people's expressions on camera.

Mr Bean.This made me laugh so hard. I'm dying http://www.pinterest.com/langyebaitou/funny-pictures/



Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

Upgrade my banana… the guys face XD



if only...