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This is just cool!

Love the moon and trees in this black and white.makes me feel I could touch that moon if I was in the pic

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Rare Blue Moon + Full Moon + Black Cat on Barren Tree + Fall + Halloween


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What is more indicative of a haunted place then a full moon over a graveyard.

Graveyards are commonly featured in gothic literature. They are abandoned place that have a creepy, spooky and mysterious atmosphere.

On June 2013 the sun, Earth and moon was in alignment, with the moon hitting its perigee; that means it was closer to the Earth than normal, making it bigger and brighter and full.

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Photo of a cat sitting on the tree with full moon in the background. I hope it's Photoshop :) Photo of a cat sitting on the tree with full moon in the


“Buddha also said that the Dharma, like a bird, needs two wings to fly, and that the wing that balances Wisdom is compassion.

Thru the trees

Oh I love this Moon Picture! ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ – Interesting facts and misbeliefs about Blue Moons. And I was born on a blue moon so ehh