Model of Downtown Los Angeles 1940

A shopper during Downtown Dollar Days in Los Angeles needs help getting on the streetcar with all her purchases, c. 1933. S)

Broadway and 6th Street, downtown Los Angeles, 1920’s. A streetcar is approaching the crowded, chaotic intersection (no crosswalks, no traffic signals: no problem.)

Downtown Los Angeles 1950s

Consolidated Edison - City of Light Diorama - Artist painting model at the 1939 New York World's Fair

New York City - Badass Ironworker.

Man bending over to touch cat sitting on sidewalk. Los Angeles, 1946 ©Nina Leen

1940 hollywood vintage los angeles

vintage photo

Temple Street, Los Angeles, c. 1940's

Old photos of Los Angeles neon signs at night.

The tunnel on 2nd Street, downtown Los Angeles, 1930s. Unattributed.

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Los Angeles 1928

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22 months old boy lights a cigarette. Los Angeles. Photo ca.1920/30. S)

Beauty school at the beach. c.1940's

Los Angeles

Enduring the rain in downtown Los Angeles, circa 1940

PrintCollection - Los Angeles City Hall

Court of first model tenement house in New York, 72nd Street... 1930s