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  • Jennifer Green

    Portrait, 1963 Jeanloup Sieff. Looks a lot like a photo of my mom and her sister Billie Jean

  • Kathy Jo

    Portrait, 1963 • Jeanloup Sieff. I would love this as a picture in a bathroom or kids room! Presh!

  • nico boulders

    Gill and I as childhood friends that we never were Portrait, 1963 Jeanloup Sieff

  • Beth A

    Me & Bff. Portrait, 1963 • Jeanloup Sieff

  • Sara Allard

    " I watched as Winston pulled something out from under her matress. It was a small photo album. Inside was a picture of two little girls eating lollipops in front of the most elaborate fireplace I had ever seen. I watched her pull the picture out more carefully then she did any of her test tubes. Written on the back was Molly and Pheobe Winston, Thanksgiving 1953. " This was me and my little sister", she said, her voice becoming shaky. " I was taken away to this place three years after this picture was taken, and I haven't seen her since I've been 16... I...don't even know if she's alive..."

  • Owen Pastrana

    Portrait, 1963 • Jeanloup Sieff (might be sisters) but reminds me of my best friend and i when we were little..<3 precious

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♥ sisters...just need one more in that pic :-)

“The theme you choose may change or simply elude you, but being your own story means you can always choose the tone. It also means you can invent the language to say who you are and what you mean.” Toni Morrison

Such an awesome photo. Can't beat the power of friendship or laughter.

We spied on Mama Evangeline and Daddy Don when they started square dancing. They weren't very good at it.

#Frienship #photography -beautiful photo ideas that are perfect images to be framed with one of your favourite verses or poems and it will great gift or unique memento.

Jeanloup Sieff. le 6 février 1978. Jeanloup Sieff

"Mira... Mira... Mira... Can't breathe properly, babe." "I LOVE YOU!" "Hehe, yeah, I love you, too, hon." - Kip and Mira |How to Ride a Rollercoaster|

Best friends Cylee Miller Neill this reminds me of our last sleepover hahahah :P "Leeroy Hmm.." :) ;)

Best portraits of 2011 gallery on Flickr. Great stuff

I remember these old school bags and the same type of flooring in our schools. Memories sure flood back this board as I find pins for the walk down memory lane during the years covered in my book.