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Woah. Actually works.

Look! Something to do with those old plastic circle things. | 22 Awesomely Useless Party Tricks You Can Learn Right Now

Clever... very clever

the magicians trick! my life is complete


In a perfect world, in a crazy life #excellent cc @marialepenalosa


When you get bored.

Yard dinosaur lawn dressed up dinosaur for halloween, christmas eating yard reindeers,, father's day, easter bunny dinosaur, football fan, I mean if you're going to have a dinosaur in your front lawn, you might as well dress it up.

This happens all of the time.

How to get off a mailing list - and there you go!

Awesome ♡

Just do it... one of the best thing ever.>>>> This is just... too great :,)

15 Things To Do Before You Die. Fun. More amazing and funny stuff at: http://funiest-stuff.com/car-prank-drive-thru-workers-have-hard-life/#_

Scroll down all the way

spelled just like escape

Extra requests with pizza orders means awesome drawings done by witty employees. DOING THIS.

Whoa!!! Open this up and watch the design above!!!! Try it, truly awesome

mind = blown

Omfg xD I would done the same but been like well in my country im called the queen so I out rank you tray up ARABIAN BIIIOOOTTTCCHH