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Wednesday nights are quickly turning to Dallas 2012 on TNT night. Last week, the family drama on Dallas 2012 almost boiled over as Christopher Ewing struggled to come to terms with his wife's pregnancy.

Dallas....every Friday night after Dukes of Hazard. Did my mom know what she was letting us watch?!

Dallas~Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle watched this on Friday nights together while us cousins played Barbies in my bedroom. I miss those days! Even we can remember the "Who shot JR discussions.

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Dallas Returns on TNT! Meet all the great characters who will make Southfork Ranch the hottest destination this summer.

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Dallas - and it's just as cut-throat, cliff-hanging, and exciting as the original!  Love the old-timers too!  Sue Ellen, JR and Bobby are all the original players as are Lucy and Ray. I heard that Fox is going to pick it up from TNT.

Dallas Returns and a Vampire Diaries Revival. I so can't wait for Dallas. TNT this summer.

Dallas The Show 2013 | Dallas - TV Series brings Western Fashion Revival - Men Style Fashion

Dallas the TV series has just started its remake debut with some of the old staff. We show you how to bring the western fashion to you with great tips.

Created by David Jacobs.  With Larry Hagman, Ken Kercheval, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray. The soapy, backstabbing machinations of Dallas oil magnate J.R. Ewing and his family.

Dallas: The Complete First & Second Seasons - Power, wealth, sex, glorious extravagance. One place has them all - Dallas. This set includes all 29 of the hugely entertaining show's First- and Second-Season Episodes, including a cast reunio.