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  • Sydney Capasso

    The Blog for Perfectionists All these piss me off...

  • Jax

    Dear God make it stop!!!!! 19 things that will send your OCD'ness over the edge!!! got chills wanting to fix the stupid mistakes...

  • Debra Weeks

    Pictures that will bug a perfectionist @iLyke

  • Sharon O'Brien Huey, Artist

    Obnoxious Ways to Drive People With OCD Nuts (16 pics) -

  • Emily Williams

    I think my OCD is gonna leap out if my body and go attack those pencils.

  • Cynthia Greer

    As a teacher who has taught exclusively gifted students for about 5 years now, I am really familiar with students who are perfectionists. I have always wondered where the line should be drawn between a high achiever and a perfectionist. Therefore, I found the descriptions of the different types of perfectionists in this week's reading to be very interesting. In my personal opinion, a high achiever does not internalize failure while a perfectionist does. Thoughts?

  • Michelle Ray

    Why, yes...this does bother me. I do the airplane tray every time! Uggh, who leaves it like that??

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