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  • Dave Klein

    19 pictures that will drive OCD people NUTS.

  • Cheryl Hou

    The Blog for Perfectionists

  • Lexi Tullbane

    19 things that will drive your OCD side insane... i almost had a heart atack looking at this list. fix it! lol

  • iLyke

    Pictures that will bug a perfectionist

  • Stephanie Christian

    Dear God make it stop!!!!! 19 things that will send your OCD'ness over the edge!!!

  • Cynthia Greer

    As a teacher who has taught exclusively gifted students for about 5 years now, I am really familiar with students who are perfectionists. I have always wondered where the line should be drawn between a high achiever and a perfectionist. Therefore, I found the descriptions of the different types of perfectionists in this week's reading to be very interesting. In my personal opinion, a high achiever does not internalize failure while a perfectionist does. Thoughts?

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Yep Felt My Blood Pressure Rise Just Looking At These -- 19 things that will drive your OCD self insane!

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19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane. i would actually fix those of these that i could...ugh must fix, must fix!!!

19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane {Warning: Hair pulling may occur!}"-It worked

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YES! ``` 19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane

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I wish there were not pictures like this on the internet...because I can't fix it...ahhhhh...i don't understand why anyone would do that...

  • Catherine Morales

    I have bathroom tile that has these platterns... and at the seam they were inconsistent. I keep swearing I'm going to knock apart the tile and put them in right! Drives me crazy!

  • Jaycee Pope

    This is why my OCD gets worse every day, because there's always something my eyes have to fall upon.

  • C Irish

    It's ruined, start over! :)

  • Ju Dy

    Just painting over.

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A dad illustrated the random stuff he says to his kids

My immediate reaction to this was that this is the best idea ever. Is that bad?

OCD Ev...gonna wallpaper your rooms with this in repeatitive patterns with slight variations lol

I understand this guy.....I want to do this every time I pass one of these messes. Makes me crazy.

  • Anna ♛

    am I the only one who noticed that in the third picture there's a mockingjay pin from THG by the 98 cent sign?

  • beany

    The longer you spend in the store, the more you spend. The more things you touch, the more things you buy. It's a mess on purpose, because it's a basic psychological trick to make you spend more. The employees are REQUIRED to keep those bins messy.

  • Nichole Abel

    I worked at Movie Gallery 10 years ago... My OCD made me organize the misc movie bins... Until the District Manager came in and informed me that they needed to be messy because people love feeling like they found a deal, or found the last copy of the movie.

  • Emily White

    Thank you dear young lad, you are a miracle worker!!!

  • Emily White

    No matter if your efforts are waisted or not

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bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P