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Orange is the happiest color. - Frank Sinatra My Favorite Color! Orange and Pink :-)

2 years ago my future was bleak i wouldn't of made 40 due to diabetes complications 2 years on i have a whole hopefully complication free future ahead of me

It's astonishing his short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. Yes, you are one of those wonderful things in my life.

we can always start anew

My sweet Robbie spoke the words "its all about new beginnings" when he proposed. Sweet memories of healing from old hurt & a new love in bloom.

Orange glass bottles

when in doubt about which feng shui element is represented by your objects.these are glass/Water + orange/Fire & Earth + round & reflective/Metal.notice what stands out more: color, shape or material.these are all Fire/Earth orange!

2012 Pantone Colour of the Year: Tangerine Tango: or the avocado appliance of the future

Refrigerator in the 2012 pantone color of the year: tangerine (Tennessee Orange!) If I ever have a sports room in my house, this is SO going in there!