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Pigmentpol is a german digital printing company that has recently adopted a new corporate identity. Designed by the FELD studio and ATMO studio, the hexagon system and generated color schemes is not necessarily new but it works,

From up Northfrom From up North

Smashing graphic design inspiration

Love the simple type and the effect masked by the silhouette of the country.

identity / turkey

identity / turkey

identity / turkey

identity / © Francesco Pesce

Why do you like it? It's a great concept/design. The layer upon layer seems to give a three dimensional look to the design. What, if any emotion does the design evoke? The design seems to evoke a feeling of simplicity but when you study it, the design is more complicated as the deeper you dive in the more complicated it gets.

LIke the color and the geometric shapes and that they are overlapping. This could also work as a home page concept.

Animup identity by Isabela Rodrigues

I really like the geometric patterns in the blue fields, and the way the blue fields of color activate the space on the pages