Color coded

up the stairs...

Futuristic Home, Illuminated lucite stairs, Future Home, Futuristic Interior

Orange House by Yazgan Design #architecture #design #stairs

kaleidoscopic wall #coloreveryday

Amazing steps. Code issues here in the states would probably require railing for safety. At the very least carry good insurance incase too much wine has someone tumble over the side.

See the world from another perspective through these amazing ‪#‎gardens‬. Dream about ‪#‎wood‬, ‪#‎Woodlovers‬! ⇢

street art


Piano Stairs : before pianos were made smaller, people had to play by climbing up and down really fast.


House Cliv / OYO_ Wild staircase: metal painted orange & wood.

filigree stairs

stairs circles

Miami airport installation: Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney #coloreveryday

Always fascinated by stairs

scie di luce su per le scale.... - Corian® cantilevered staircase LUXO SURFACES - OFFICINE SANDRINI

Colorful Stairs | Incredible Pictures

Glass, steel, wood studs living | stair detail ~ destefano and partners architects

Amazing Architectural Staicases by EeStairs