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Ha! I love llamas... hubby played on a ball team named the Llamas. We got t-shirts for our kids-"Baby Llamas", and for us wives- "Mama Llamas"!

If I wasnt so scarred by being spit in the face by a one eyed llama named Irving as a child I think Id own a few of these :D rofl!

"I think it's what they call a 'bad hair day' - any idea how I can make it better?"

now why would I want an alpaca to suffer so I could wear it's fur....when it's so damn cute?! (even if it was ugly, I still wouldnt want it to suffer, so ya..) ++

When I walk in the spot, This is what I see ,Everybody stops, And they're staring at me... I'm sexy and I know it

"Well hello!" Snickers the inquisitive young llama.

Llama... How could you not smile after looking at that face?

How can anyone not want one of these?! here to find out more

When a Llama appears as your totem, you will find that your footing is secure. You will be able to maneuver through paths that are steep and dangerous. If you are worried about a situation, relax. Llama will guide you to the right path. Climb slowly and safely – don’t rush into things and fall. Also, be aware of being stubborn and refusing to move forward.

...winter coat? check. scarf?...check. adorable? check, check.