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But I still don't understand why he's wearing her clothes... <- totally repinned this just for the description!

A woman will be as girly as you pamper her, as lady-like as you treat her, as intelligent as you challenge her, and as sensual as you entice her… -Unknown-

Very true. I let someone walk all over me for four years, now he's been begging for me to take him back the past year. Love the people you love before they are lost.

you have to think that others are busy just like you! you have support.. your just letting this beat you down bc everything seems to be against you.. or us!!! I love you and we are best friends!!! please get focused and be strong like you ALWAYS are! Im sure your mom will txt you once shes out of work!! Relax.. take a deep breath and know that I love you and Im ALWAYS here!!! Okay?!?

Carpe Diemfrom Carpe Diem

Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect

ser el primer amor de alguien puede ser grande, pero ser el último es más que perfecto.! :3 I love You <3