• Greg Zorn

    Over 4,600 women were asked what they really want from a Man. #relationships #dating #women

  • Candis Haines

    I must not be like the average women lol

  • Rocio Martinez

    Over 4,600 women were asked what they really want from a Man. Some very interesting facts to help guys better understand the women in their lives!

  • Infographics

    What Do Women Really Want From Men!? #Love #Women #Men #Infographics

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Did it! Well I mean its pinned to the wrong board but still;-)

I wish I had this shirt to wear for algebra hell this summer lol. I think it's most irritating that is has nothing to do with my job. Can anyone tell me how I need algebra to be a lactation consultant? Did you hear that? Silence.

Omg I about died lol

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Oh my...hilarious!!

I know just the person....:0


Thinking of inking?

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Lol, come on guys!

funny-quote-gym-Facebook-people - i'm guilty of this too but .. this is pretty funny.

Let’s play an evil game...Trust me, the word is in there.


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Words to live by! quotes. Just because I love you. We read our fair of Dr. Suess so it means more. Some of them over and over..I can recite them now.


The recipe for those super soft sugar cookies. Where has this been all my life? This is my favorite type of cookie!!!

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Best Windshield Note EVER!


Clean the bathroom as if the queen is coming to visit

...and people would actually get offended at what number they were!!!