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A haunting new photo and poster for Sherlock Season 2 has been released by the BBC. The poster also contains story clues.

Sherlock -- One of the better Sherlock TV Series

Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott, Rupert Graves) -- Pretentious but still engaging. Cumberbatch and Freeman are an excellent duo, but you already knew that.

The savant and the soldier.

Wallpaper and background photos of Sherlock BBC for fans of Sherlock images.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman; Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson from "Sherlock".

AHHHHHHH and catching fire is the 22 is a back to back to back!!!!!!

Is this the real life? I'm hoping for real life, because then we will have Catching Fire, Doctor Who, and Sherlock all in a row.

Al parecer Robert Downey Jr. quiere hacer "Sherlock Holmes 3". Para los que han visto las sagas de Sherlock Holme, sabe que la segunda parte dejaba las posibilidades de continuación abiertas, por lo que el guión no será un problema para confeccionar la producción. Robert Downey Jr por ahora finalizó Iron Man 3, su próxima colaboración con Marvel será  “Los Vengadores: La Era de Ultrón”, por lo que el rodaje de  “Sherlock Holmes 3” Sería para finales del 2014.

‘Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows′: Nuevos Posters con Robert Downey Jr. y Jude Law - DH Movie News

Sherlock ~ Benedict Cumberbatch

THE sherlock coat, leather gloves, unseen scarf, and slim cut trousers. Mystery and sex appeal in one tall british package.


They are John & Sherlock. Well it because Martin is imagining that the science was real. And if I saw Lord. Hotness jump off a building I would be upset to. -J<<<< Lord hotness in DEAD. Also they cry over fictional characters too