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  • Jerrica Boulware

    happens everytime i cook spaghetti! true story!

  • Tracy Wade

    This would be funny if my family didn't eat a whole box of pasta at a time...

  • AshleyRose Cosgrove

    the really funny quotes are the ones that you laugh at because you've thought that exact same thing about yourself

  • Stacy Queenb Bentley

    Sadly... so true That's why Micah says, "I'd like spaghetti if you didn't cook a cauldron of it!!"

  • Amber Whitmore

    I cooked spaghetti for my whole family this week, and three packages for twenty people seemed perfectly logical at the time. Now I'm the proud owner of a huge spaghetti brick. No really, it's in my fridge as we speak. If you're hungry or need an industrial doorstop, just let me know.

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this is me almost every night. LOL

Illustrates the importance of knowing times of optimum performance. Leads naturally into the scheduling, programming and expectations components of intervention.

This guy gets me. There's a a point in time when you reach a certain age when you just feel like not having plans sounds 100 times better than going out. For me this feeling hit at age 18. And I have no shame in it.

That is the truest thing I've ever read.

Because of INTP's intuitive qualities they are more interested in what could be than what is and thus are difficult to motivate for studies that are not aligned with their natural interests.

My problem with showers…

Yes--but mainly i just wanted to keep the bottom picture.

rofl! I've actually done the last one more times than I care to think about. *blush*

why I am like a #cat // I want to go #out // now that I'm out I want to go back in // #letsgetwordy

Adult Tetris - so true! And just as with Tetris, I am the only one in the house who does this correctly. This makes it more fun

Why don't we just go on Pinterest? *two hours later* "RIGHT! I'm going to work now!" brain: But how about INSTAGRAM *half an hour later* "OKAY. NO PROCRASTINATING!" brain: BUT HOW ABOUT THAT MANGA YOU'RE READING? OR THOSE FANFICTIONS YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF?! *7 PM at night* GOSHDAMNIT WHY CAN'T I JUST FUCKING WORK?!