Sand Bowl - Mix sand with adhesive and let the liquid drip over a form to create a bowl. Would be neat for displaying seashells.

Serendipitous Discovery: Bring the Beach Home - With a Sand Bowl

DIY: Sand Bowls- just sand mixed with glue and dripped over a bowl until it hardens. So cool, doing this!

Making this DIY abstract bowl is easier than you might think! Click to see the full tutorial!

A super cool sand bowl. Going to make one.. tel-aviv-based industrial design student leetal rivlin has captured the movement of sand and frozen it into a usable object. the bowl is hand-made by mixing the grains of sand with an adhesive. the viscous liquid is then allowed to drip and harden into the form of the container. various layers give the impression of preserved movement.

Lace bowl

diy dress form

Homemade rug loom - create any rug, any size - - - colors and sizes are limited to your imagination ;)

Red plastic army men bowl... So awesome.

Seashells handmade into this gorgeous shell flower.  All Naturally colorfull shells.  A Beautiful Ornament to treasure. This ornament comes in 2 Sizes - small I

DIY Leaf Bowl first modge podge thing i have ever wanted to actually do.

Like this. . .if you don't feel like doing the Hama Bead ironing!! Quick and easy melted bead bowls. . .

create stone critters for the garden

Creating a bench out of two old chairs and a pallet

Mix water with Elmer's glue and brush the inside of the mason jars. Add glitter of your choice to the inside of the jars, and roll/spin the jar around until...


Hot glue fake flowers to a canvas and then pick 2 different color spray paints to add a gradient effect.

Paint your own galaxy umbrella. Open it up and you'll create a whimsical oasis in the middle of the storm.

How awesome and easy is this!! diy rope container for $2 via the Gilded Hare

Create a simple centerpiece with holly in little vases. Fill with water and then add a tealight. (One of 8 diy candle projects)