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  • Michelle Pelegrin

    Amanita muscaria mushrooms are supposed to help open Chakra's and help you to "see" through your third eye...same mushroom on Mario Bros!!!!

  • Ariel Reichenthal

    Huge Toadstools! (Such a gross sounding name!) They are so surreal looking! I feel like they are from Alice in Wonderland, but they are real! Oh, nature!

  • Vanda Vintage

    Magical Mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) ...I've always wanted to see these elf stools in the wild

  • Linda Allen

    This red Amanita muscaria mushroom looks very pretty but it is deadly poisonous.

  • Cate Short

    Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.. look like something out of Alice in Wonderland

  • Minnie Dennis

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  • Lucy Barnett

    again, they love these red caps (they're like the Smurfs that way)

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science

    Your very own Super Mario Land!

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