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  • Alison Goh

    Thin Women Are Part Of The Body Image Conversation, Too

  • J Griff

    In all honesty, I've been a size 2 and a size 12, I'm a size 6 right now but seriously, ANY woman or man can be perfectly proportioned and sexy as heck. Problem is too skinny is every bit as UNHEALTHY as too heavy for all of us. Body Image is how we feel about ourselves. Just be healthy and rock "you".

  • Amanda Borsuk

    False premise. It isn't "hotter" to anyone except the women who buy into it. Hello? Lets talk "hot" -- heard of J.Lo or Beyonce? Christina Hedricks from "Mad Men"? Ladies, NOBODY will expect waif from you, but you. Be healthy. You deserve it.

  • Donna Baughman

    so true! I can be healthy without trying to get rid of my curves. And you can be beautiful without curves. You can be beautiful either way!

  • Becca Warner

    Being super skinny doesn't always equal healthiness! Here's to us curvy girls out there!

  • Megan Cox

    so true real women have curves!

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