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nautical, America, A large scrimshaw Whale's Tooth, by Frank Barcelos, Portugal and America, 20th century, depicting a bearded gentleman smoking a pipe, likely a captain or crewman on a whaling vessel above a finely detailed whaling scene of six men in a hull preparing to kill a sperm whale, with a three-masted ship in the background. Signed Frank at lower right, mounted on a faceted piece of mahogany.


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Bucket List: Morning coffee on deck with the morning ocean, a breeze and a sailing adventure story.

New England 1760–1780 This secretary is painted with a tortoiseshell-like patterning overall, in shades of brown, black, red, and ocher. The desk front is further embellished with a branching tree design emerging from a mound of earth, a common motif associated with furniture, decoration, and textiles of the Connecticut River Valley.

Arctic exploration. A method of exploration that I would not mind being a part of: men set sail on an antique sail ship towards the Arctic (or in the film shown in class, Greenland) to quietly gather information on the land