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    yes, the good ol days!

    • J Pham

      Before Text Messages We Had These . I remember exchanging them in between classes or lunch time!! Oh those childhood memories that I miss so dearly.

    • Candace Reeves

      Passing notes in class. I remember all the crazy ways we used to fold these things. My friends and I always wrote notes to each other. Most of the time they didn't even say anything important. We even used to write them in crazy patterns. Something that most kids will never experience again.

    • Laura Albrecht-Franzel

      It's sad:( I have a whole caboodle full of letters from high school! I've re-read them and it is so funny to remember those times. Nobody is going to keep their text messages so they can re-read them when they are 30+!

    • Cary Gerardis

      Still have many from high school! I remember meeting my friends at the buses and giving them our notebook to tale home and write to us. It was our way of passing notes to our whole group!

    • Julia Arenas

      I remember passing notes all the time and spending more time decorating them then writing them. If kids wrote notes now we would have a lot more great writers!

    • Jocelyn Tobnick

      Before Text Messages - I saved all of my and Tony's love letters from high school and anniversary/valentine's cards, etc. Kids can read them when we're gone and remember how much we loved each other :)

    • Shandy Gibbons

      Remember when? Special folds, and always "private!" So when your kids tell you you don't understand... tell them you got in trouble for text messaging in school, too.

    • Andrea Matos

      Omg! I remember me nd my friend a.p always passing notes to eachother in high school! Try nd fold em in diff ways lol

    • Jackie Thornhill

      I remember these. Didn't have a lot of friends to pass notes to and those days weren't all that great. Thank God I am not a teenager anymore. Before Text Messages

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