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  • Cyndie DeFoor

    Marilyn Monroe circa 1951 The world's biggest icon! Her tummy isn't tightly toned, her thighs touch, her arms aren't skinny, she has stretch marks and her boobs aren't perky. She is known as one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL women in history. Be confident girls. You are HOT, you are SEXY, you are a Marilyn so do not let any man, media or moment of judgement ever take away your confidence! ♥...REAL beauty.

  • Xela Tarnelli

    Do you know who that picture is of ? That’s Marilyn Monroe. They’ve considered her the most beautiful women in the world. She’s gorgeous, and beautiful, right ? But look at her stomach. Is it completley flat ? Does she not have love handles or, perfect long skinny legs ? No. She dosn’t. And wanna know something ? Her pants size, was a size 9. She wasn’t some 00 or 1. She had CURVES. We all worry about our pants size, and our weight when, in reality, who cares ? Why not live our lives and be happy instead of counting calories in our head ? I think that's how I look...well, maybe add a few stretch marks and brown hair instead of blond :-)

  • Lynn Hillston

    Marilyn Monroe - considered by some as the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s gorgeous and beautiful, right? But look at her stomach. Is it completely flat? No. Long skinny legs? No. She was a size 9, not size 0. She had Curves - so celebrate your inner Marilyn and the shape of a real woman!

  • XoXo Hollywood

    Real Women Have Curves. Case in point - Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful and sexy women ever.

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Marilyn♥ even the woman who has the title of being the most beautiful woman ever didn't have a perfect body. her tummy wasn't super tight and her breasts weren't skyhigh perky. yet, she still holds the title. obviously all the airbrushing and plastic surgery isn't enough to take this natural beauty queen's crown.

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