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I believe in humanity working together to better the world, I believe that science is constantly expanding our knowledge of the universe, I believe in teaching children to never stop being curious.

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Community Post: Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

"66% of adult women worldwide are illiterate. - That's nearly twice the amount of illiterate men worldwide. UN studies have shown that increasing the literacy rate of women by 1% saves more children than increasing the amount of doctors 1%. This is why I'm a feminist." #feminism

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Finally, An Anti-Rape Campaign That Admits Men Are Sometimes Involved

This campaign is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I linked to an article about it, though the article also has links to the specific campaign site. I think the idea at aiming a campaign to teach young men not to rape, rather than only teaching women how to not be raped, is wonderful and necessary.

Neil deGrasse Tyson. the universe is in us.

If all you want is a child born, not a child fed. That's pro birth. Not pro life.; -- Joan Chittister Nun Sister Joan D. Chittister, O.S.B. is a Benedictine nun, author and speaker.; -- -- - American families can expect to spend almost $250,000 in the next 17 years raising a child.

Sister Joan Chittister: "I do not believe that just because you're opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking. If all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed and why would I think that you don't? Because you don't want any tax money to go there. That's not pro-life. That's pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is. "

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Check out UNICEF's report: One of the most striking features is how horribly the well-being of US children compares to the well-being of children in so many other wealthy countries. Unfortunately, the results aren't too surprising when you consider that in the US, health-harming corporations are legally allowed to functionally corrupt politicians/regulators so they can get away with making money off of products/practices that harm…

I pledge allegiance to the universe and all the life which it supports. One cosmos in our care, irreplaceable, with sustenance and respect for all. #quote #earthquote #healthy #universe #science #respect

George Farquhar. - Restoration dramatist. It was true then & so it remains. That's why the education system is the way it is.