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This is another original... I basically bought a $3 sugar container and filled it with white rice and glitter. I taped and glued the hole shut (I left the "flap" to the container open so it can make the "noise" to be more realistic!). Whenever my kids are noisy/chatty, I "sprinkle" the silent sprinkles over their heads and then tell them to use the magic silent sprinkle to get self-control.. Works like, well magic :) :) :)


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Teaching With a Mountain View: First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Quiet critters-when you decide it is important for students to be quiet pass out quiet critters- take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use. Brilliant! Teaching Chick

She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!

Recycling plastic caps into a classroom project- in this case, creating beautiful strings of 'raindrops' out of caps that normally end up in the trash.

Could change this to "I think you're Super!" and make classroom friend Valentine's out of the idea. Love options that are unisex and not at all suggestive..

Rock & Teach: Stop what you're doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom. FREE

The "silent fox" sign: ears open, mouths closed! Used to get a quiet classroom, teacher displays the symbol until the class repeats and becomes quiet. Cute aid. :)