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Can we really live "off the grid"? People are doing it, in what they're calling earthships

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Green Roofed Cooper Point House Blends Into Big Sur

Cooper Point - Energy efficient house which blends into landscape. The roof is part of the garden. This house is off the grid, and, given its design, is able to be powered completely by solar panels.

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21 Amazing Off-the-Grid Houses

sustainable home in the desert. off the grid and off the chaaain.

Sustainable Green Buildings - Sewage Treatment, Containment and Distribution -

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Small Living vs. Sustainable Living



From the home front: Small fixer-upper, big earthship, Seattle floating homes

Seattle Earthship home

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21 Amazing Off-the-Grid Houses Living off the grid. Icelandic eco house // Living Off-the-Grid

Off-grid living with Earthship houses: passive solar, active solar, rammed earth, reclaimed materials, water filtration, and on and on. An Earthship can sustain itself even when the grid goes away completely and never comes back.