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Soto Tangkar | Cooking With Love

it's Soto Mie. There are so many variations of "SOTO" (indonesia cuisine). Soto bandung, soto kwali, soto banjar, coto makassar, sroto banyumas, soto lamongan, soto madura, soto padang, soto medan,soto betawi .....etc. Its spicy sauce with chunks of beef or chicken pieces 2cm, some are made ​​of duck, lamb or pork .... everything is fresh, tasty, delicious, eat warm.

Soto Tangkar Betawi - Betawi Beef Ribs Soup

Never gets old, soto ayam.

Soto Kudus ala Mamin - We LOVE this soto - a Central Java specialty. Indonesian Food

Jakarta-Style Goat Feet Soup | Sop Kaki Kambing Jakarta

Soto Tangkar

Soto Kudus ~ soup

Soto Ayam Lamongan | The famous dish of Indonesian typical soup

Soto ayam (indonesia chicken soup - there's like 10 different kind of herbs/ingredients for the soup alone!)

Soto Babat | Indonesian Beef Tripe Soup

soto ayam (Indonesian Food)

Soto Betawi - Jakarta Beef Soup

Soto Medan – Medan Style Chicken Soup Recipe at http://dailycookingquest.com/by-cuisine/indonesian/soto-medan-medan-style-chicken-soup

Soto Tangkar

#Indonesian Food: SOTO BETAWI

Nothing beats Asian food! emm wait, nothing beats food .. LOL

Sop Buntut #IndonesianFood

Crab and corn soup

Asampadeh - Indonesian hot & sour fish soup