The Swiss Army Tampon: A Life-Saving Wilderness Survival Tool. Repinned for the shock value. Read it, learn something new every day.

How to stitch a wound. Don't ask me questions you don't really want answers to.....

Making Lye From Wood Ashes And Then Making Old Fashioned Lye Soap » The Homestead Survival

11 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life: Multi-functional survival uses for a CONDOM.

7 survival uses for tampons. seriously don't laugh til you read it!

Life Hacks, totally used to do the "parking ticket" one at the beach...saved lots of $$ on that one!

...excuse me? Where has this been all my life?

Creating Water Proof Matches and other survival stuff, some more out there than others

Water Bottle Survival Kit Perfect For Outdoor Enthusiast or Beginner Prepper 33 oz Bottle 8.5" x 3.5" Kit Features: BPA-Free Water Bottle, Whistle, Flint, Emerg

life hacks. these people are smart!

Such an adorable gift for sisters! I thought too cool not to share.

10 Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me .. I like the buy a survival kit for friends and neighbors.

Altoid Tin Survival Kit DIY - Urban City Kit to replace a cracked iphone screen for under $10.00... Just in case I ever need to...Ill be glad I pinned this.

Bedu Emergency Rapid Reponse Kit The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit is a keg-sized drum full of durable life-saving gear. It's built to support eight adults for up to five years and it includes a water-filtration system, medicine and tool kits, a multi-fuel stove, a radio and a hand-crank generator with a photovoltaic battery pack and a strip-cell blanket. Not only that, but the skeleton of the barrel can be used to create a shelter.

Do it yourself emergency survival shelters made from natural sources

Done!! 72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Keep it in a cabinet in the garage. How to Build a Campfire with simple metrics everyone can understand for sizes and quantities of wood #camping #bushcraft #survivalist #preppers #preparedness

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saving your $5 bills throughout the year, i like this idea :) the five-dollar savings plan. It goes like this: Every time you find yourself with a five-dollar bill in your possession, you set it aside instead of spending it. At the end of the year, you use the money you've saved for either a big purchase or to do something you wouldn't normally spend the money to do. Love this. I'm doing this 2013