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Hairbrush w/accessory storage

Brush with a place for bobby pins. And hair ties. ( great idea because i always loose my hair ties and bobby pins.

The Face Down Beach Chair!!! Ingenious!!!

30 Things You Don't Need But Still Want To Have

Use the purple sheets for pillows and white sheet with purple flowers for the walls

If you have the space, make a cozy cabana to put in your back yard. First build the frame using PVC pipes. Then dig the foundation holes. Add the legs and, at the end, add the curtains. You can customize this project however you want.

Brookstone Oasis Lounger (for my dream home)

Vacation in your own backyard. The Oasis Lounger looks like it belongs on a tropical island.

Moss Bathroom Mat: such an incredible idea!

Moss Bathroom Mat

Brilliant -- a bath mat made of living moss that lives off the water you drip on it afer a shower. Moss Carpet by Nguyen La Chanh

Trampoline tent for summer sleepovers. Where were these when I was a kid?

Trampoline Tents

Trampoline tent for summer sleepovers. I've always wanted a trampoline! But a trampoline tent? It would totally complete the sleepover!

nifty things you need for summer but will never afford

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.

'Sprout a sofa' ---diy was from ReadyMade mag, though, so you would need to find a back issue or a different tutorial :(

Seriously Cool DIY: Sprout a Sofa

Sprout a Couch, you can literally grow your own lawn furniture. ReadyMade has instructions on how to grow an outdoor couch. How awesome would this be?

Love it!  Revolver Shaped Screwdriver Rechargeable With Drill Bits

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! The remaining drill bits can rest in the chambers until you need them!

Outdoor Swing Bed, Lake Tahoe, California  photo via...

Pallets upcycled to bed swing! Oh sweet heaven give me this! shastaleen Pallets upcycled to bed swing! Oh sweet heaven give me this! Pallets upcycled to bed swing! Oh sweet heaven give me this!

Inflatable Water Park  OMG YES. i-want-this

Check out our collection of BEST Swimming Pool and Water Games. Swimming Pools, beaches, and lakes provide perfect places to play a fun water games.

The Floating Sofa. You would find me here. All day. Sleeping. The heck with it, I would sleep here at night instead of my bed. This looks TOO cool....

I want this for our pool.The Floating Sofa - Hammacher Schlemmer

Inspring idea

I needed this so bad when I was younger. All my friends wanted to tan and I just wanted to read. // For the beach - Ostrich Multi Position Beach Chair

fancy plastic chairs

The ‘Queen of Love Thrown Chair’ is a colourful piece of outdoor furniture by Italian design house, Moro-Pigatti.i want all of the colors! Well i love these chairs, but at all most each i will learn to live without them