Spoken from a parent of teenagers...

two things: 1) Where have you been all my life? 2) Can you please go back there?


Excuse the language, but its kinda true, in better worlds though, more like "I am soo worthless" or "Bow down peasants, I am your Queen!" hehehee

this is me... so me... brb i have to refill my glass ;)


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as if ;P



ha ha ha

Sooooo true!

What doesn't kill us makes our drinks stronger.

Teenager post? Wtf? How about 30yr old post!? Are you kidding me, I wish I was a teen ag-no, I take that back, I wish I was still my age but the only responsibilities I had to worry about were schoolwork and washing dishes.

so true!

This is my life.

Where DO they go?!?!

haha true true!