Lol, love it!

Ha! That’s funny! I sneeze like 50 times.. hahaha you can understand that @Veronica Verduzco ;) #wesneezealot

This reminds me of my niece and nephew all dayy! #likeaBOSS

This is funny!

this is all i'm sayin.

All I really want is a high paying job that lets me wear yoga pants and hoodies to work only makes me work 4 days a week.

I ALWAYS mean what I say... I just don't always mean to say it out loud.

you betcha

Fairy Godmother

Patience... What parents have when there witnesses are present lol @Bondalou @Angela Davis

No, seriously.


maybe the problem is my allergies...

Life Lesson. Truth.

so funny....


totally my parenting philosophy


Gotta love snarky humor! Thanks to my pal MB!!

For real.