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    • Heather Simpson

      80s and 90s kids...only thing I loved about P.E class in elementary school Jax just came home from kindergarten going on and on about doing "parachutes in PE." The memories came flooding back!!

    • Cori Smith

      PAST PLAY: Parachute Day was one of the most best days in gym class in elementary school. It involved all kinds of different activities involving colors, gender, balls, running from one end to the other, and musical chairs. It means and connects to my artist personality in teaching children about listening to directions, colors, and genders.

    • Ruth Blandon

      I always hoped we'd get the parachute out in P.E I actually remember this from elementary school! Absolutely loved it!!

    • Alicia Barksdale

      I remember this. Nobody believes me when I talk about playing with parachutes in gym class lol.

    • Kaitlin Foster 33

      This WAS my absolute favorite activity in gym class when I was in elementary school

    • Sarah Kory

      I totally remember this!! We did this in gym class in elementary school! :)

    • Heather Rogers

      my favorite thing about gym class in elementary school.

    • Jackie Thowson

      90s kids. And 80"s too, and now! Now too!

    • Staci Webb

      Parachute games in gym class

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