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This is so true... divorce rates are so high because many people dont fight hard enough to overcome the obstacles they face.

Behind every happy couple, lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way. Because its what they wanted. Love this quote, it's so true!

The 3 vital keys to a healthy marriage are kindness, compassion, & forgiveness... "Be kind & compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship and faith

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FREE Printable: 20 Little Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage

Think this says it all!!!!

gift idea for "My Husband ROCKS" project in February For better.or worse, but not for granted.

And your choices to say you loved (and respected) me were?.......Sorry, betray trust, deceive, lie, treat our children different, misrepresent the reasons for our issues to your friends, break commitments and promises, etc., doesn't work for most folks. You only received what you sowed and you kept sowing the entire time. Grow up. Go find another beater or cheater. I'm way above it.

Best love Sayings & Quotes QUOTATION - Image : Short love quote - Description Do you know why you're going to have an excellent marriage this year?


Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry the person you think you can't live without. ~ James C. Dobson---That's funny, I didn't know this was a Dobson quote. I thought it was mine, silly me!


Love is a verb. A verb is an action word. Loving, DOING, giving, growing is the essence of marriage.

And you just thought it was so other people could see your ring while you are driving lol

The wedding ring goes on the left ring finger because thats the only finger that has a vein that connects to heart fact quote

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage. Great post about how to better a marriage, dos and don'ts from a guy who has been through 2.

16 ways I blew my marriage - stop and read. This is a humorous, thought-provoking article that as a marriage counselor I actually do agree with. It is secular, with no claims of biblical advice, but also incredibly practical.

More girls need to be infatuated by a man with an education, ambition, faith & goals rather than a dude with "swag."  Swag doesn't pay the bills.

More girls need to be infatuated by a man with an educated, ambition, faith, & goals rather than a dude with "swag". Swag doesn't pay your bills." I gag at the word swag.

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SWEDISH PROVERB "He who buys what he does not need steals from himself." Need to remember this.

GOD....How I love this, please protect me and Reuben!!!

Great verse on marriage. this is all true people are always ready to give up and just leave-they grow tired and want to move on to the next-the man should love God first then cherish his wife!