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  • Cheryl Uyehara

    I know my fur babies definitely rescued me!

  • Verna Hills

    Who Rescued #Cute pet

  • Yolanda Ceveira

    For all the shelter dogs.

  • Tracey Puckett

    After going through several life changing transitions, I was having difficulties coping!! My daughter calls me asking me if I could take a six month old doxie who needed a home!! Of course I said yes and besides my husband, it is the best yes I could have said!! She takes care of me and I her!! I love you, Mylee!!

  • S. B.

    I am thankful for my little dog. She came along when I needed a friend!!

  • Heather Cook

    True words.

  • Sara Tolar

    Pet adoption quotes

  • Amy Leiterman

    <3 For anyone who adopted a dog from an animal shelter/pound.

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