The Kid-O-Bunk is a great addition to sleepovers, camping, or outdoor adventures. It can be configured as a bunk bed, single cots, or as a bench for seating space.

DIY mini first-aid kit using a prescription bottle. Note: Obviously for a camping trip where you won't be carrying gear far from you vehicle. Designed for a family camping trip to accommodate campers of all ages and levels of experience.) I think I would have to go with a bit larger first aid kit in my vehicle as well. You never know what what will happen when kids are rambling around outside!

Run Away & Live In The Woods, Art Print 8 x 10, Vintage Camper, Teal and Yellow, Typography | ruggedthugruggedthug

Orajel will stop mosquito bites from itching immediately. -- Must remember this... camping season is getting close!

20 Brilliant Camping Hacks - #18 Nachos are the perfect camp food! Easy to pack, easy to cook and everyone loves them. Read more here:

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