Purple Hair Highlights

I love the colors! Edgy Purple Hair Highlights See and I want something I can add some fun color to, without it looking like a 16 year old. I also kind of like this side part but my hair is very thick.

Photos about hair,  nails, toenails and tattoo!

Peek-a-Boo Highlights & Lowlights - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips - Not the colors I would choose for my brown hair but I love it.

So cute & edgy!!!

this hair style would look great with your face shape and color you hair back to the natural shade with amber highlights :-)

Katy Perry rocking the black and purple ombre hair. Love it.

Hair Color to Try: Marvelous Purple Hair for Chic Fashionistas

Katy Perry: Purple Hair Radiance I love this, having soft purple highlights in my hair.