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As long as there's some sort of message, or that is speaks to you somehow, you know it's art done right... Though there is no such thing as "messing up" in art.

I've never seen anything describe me better in all my life... wow... I am an artist... now which path to take! ?!

Oh I love this! Anxiety is a powerful energy- use it to create beauty!

You cannot stop creativity. You can only delay it. Doubt is but a hurdle. Jump it and keep moving forward. #writer #artist #inspiration #quote

an artist in not paid for his labor but for his vision - james whistler - i think this would be great for the studio

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” - Pablo Picasso One of my favorite quotes.

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Good Deeds

A good deed brightens a dark world #quote. Do the good deed the second you think of it and you'll light up the world ~Susan Harrow