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  • Beth Eller

    hahahaha #funnystuff

  • Horvath Birtle

    Though this is my favorite meme, only Tina will truly understand why this one put a sour look on my face. For it is my favorite thing on earth to make her laugh and then say immediately, in an exasperated way, "I'm so funny..."

  • Mariana Delgado

    willy wonka - So you're a bodybuilder? Which music festival are you training for? #lol #soTrue

  • Loriana Goulding

    So funny & so true haha willy wonka meme

  • Lauren Hartke

    haha funny stuff

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I am officially less attractive than a cat. But I think cats are much prettier than humans 99% of the time anyway, so I don't feel too bad.

Yea I read that in both voices

Relationships.....What if the 1 ho and the 1 psychotic-stalker ex were 1 in the same????LOL

I'm the dude on the top. That's all the warning you're going to get. Approach at your own peril come November 1st.

Mind officially blown…Patrick makes this even funnier :D

I'm glad I learned cursive in 2nd grade...'I use it all the time'. said no one ever.

There was a person that came to mind for each of these