Alvin Ailey. Watch them fly, and so much more at the Detroit Opera House.

Lucia Lacarra and Marlon Dino - Ballet, балет, Ballett, Ballerina, Балерина, Ballarina, Dancer, Dance, Danza, Danse, Dansa, Танцуйте, Dancing

Ballerina / Bailarina / Балерина / Dancer / Dance / Ballet

Jump and fly

dance dance

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This is good for drawing

The Australian Ballet - La Bayadère

Amazing Dance Photography | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라강원랜드바카라

so gorgeous.

Misty Copeland's gorgeous legs (b. 1982 Sep10, 30 in 2012) African American (German & Italian descent) ballet dancer, 1st African Am. female soloist of American Ballet Theatre (ABT)


Dance, Dance, Dance

Incredible // strength & balance // pas de deux // ballet

The line and lighting of this are beautiful.

Possible costume for a nutcracker inspired dance.